Drive with Rekab

Where our captains are our top priority


Drive your way


You have to have a valid driver's license.

Drive your way


You will need a smartphone to drive with Rekab.

Drive your way


Any comfortable 2+ seater 2015+

Drive your way


10 minute

How is Rekab different from our competitors?

We offer our captains guaranteed ways to make money!

With Rekab you can earn a guaranteed hourly rate.

We care about our captains!

This is why we offer guaranteed hourly wages, if you get ride requests or if you don't. GUARANTEED!

What driving with rekab offers you


  • Guaranteed hourly rates!
  • Work whenever you want
  • Work wherever you want

More Benefits

  • Support
  • Work with you own vehicle
  • Drive your way

How Rekab App Works ?

Download and Sign-in

Once you complete your training and receive confirmation, you can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and login with your credentials

Why become a Rekab captain?

Drive your way

Drive your way

More stability. More options. More freedom. Get guaranteed hourly earnings.

No vehicle? No Problem!

Work with you own vehicle

Work as much as you want! Whenever you want!

Access 24/7 support


You can always reach us at 920000354.