Rekab is an on-demand transportation service that takes multiple passengers heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle. Think of Rekab as a Vehicle that is smart enough to come when you want it and where you want it. Using our app for iPhone or Android, you can select your pick up and drop off, and we will do the rest. As we are a corner-to-corner service, we will pick you up at a nearby corner and then drop you off within a couple of blocks of your requested destination. This helps us ensure that even with multiple pickups, trip times are comparable to a taxi.

This passenger service operates in closed communities, such as King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, in cities like Dammam, Alkhobar, Alqatif, and soon around the Kingdom. Working hours are from 5 AM to 1 AM.

We are authorized and approved drivers. Each driver undertakes rigorous license checks and health and safety clearances before starting work as a driver. In addition, drivers participate in an induction process that includes customer service, vehicle safety and driver training. All drivers must have and maintain a clean driving record and we regularly review our drivers performance from both a safety and customer service perspective.

The number of passengers per trip varies based on the routes and the timing. Note that the maximum capacity of Rekab vehicles is 6 passengers.

The app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. You can download the app for iPhone and for Android by clicking on the link in the footer of the Rekab page.

If this is your first time using the app, you'll need to press "Sign Me Up" and create an account before you can log in and book a ride. Step One: Click on the "Sign me up" button in the home screen of the app. Step Two: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen. You can even add a photo if you like! Step Three: Click "Next" to move to the second page. Input your credit/debit card number, followed by the expiration date, the security code. If you were referred by a friend, you can enter their personal promo code into the "Promo code" box by clicking on the blue 'Redeem your promo code >>' option. Once all of this is completed, press "Join" and you’ll be ready to ride

You can pay by credit/debit card (Mada, Visa, MasterCard) and it is the only payment method currently accepted and the amount is calculated after the end of your trip.

You can share Rekab with your friends and family through the application. Go to the menu and click on the “Share Free Trips” icon to receive your promo code. Share this code with friends and family to avail of the ride. You can get credit from Rekab, once your friends or family use your promotional code and complete the first trip.

When you create a Rekab account, we need to confirm your credit or debit card is valid, so you may see a 1 SAR pre-authorization charge on your card. That charge is immediately voided, so don’t worry, you are never actually charged, and the 1 SAR is never deducted from your account! If this is the first time you are booking with a new card you may see an authorization in the amount of your requested ride. Rest assured, if you opted not to book the ride this hold will be removed from your account in 3-7 business days depending on your bank or card company's processing times.

Download our free app (available on iPhone and Android), sign up for Rekab, and book a ride in three super-easy steps: STEP 1: Move the map until the blue marker is at your desired pick-up location and press "Set Pickup." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down. STEP 2: Move the map until the orange marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set Dropoff." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop-down. Rekab will check for available vehicles and connect you with the best vehicle for your ride. STEP 3: Review the ride offer in the proposal screen (you may receive several proposals with different ETAs and different ride options). Select the one that works best for you and press "Book This Ride." All the details, including the exact pickup location (remember it may not be where you booked) and information on the vehicle picking you up, will then be displayed.

After you book a ride, make sure you’re at the pick-up spot when the vehicle arrives! The app will count down the minutes to your vehicle’s arrival, and we’ll send you a text when the vehicle is two minutes away and again when it arrives. For assistance, you can reply to that text and our Live Support team will help out. Additionally, you can contact the driver partner at any time directly through the app by pressing the small green phone icon located on the right, at the bottom of the screen. Remember: Rekab is a community, and you’re sharing your ride with other members. Keeping them waiting for results in stink-eyes, and if you’re more than a minute or two late, the vehicle will just have to leave. It hurts, but it’s the only way we can move everyone so quickly at such an incredible price. Want to track your vehicle while you wait? In the app, zoom out from your pick-up spot or click the small compass icon in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to follow the vehicle on the map as it approaches.

After you set your pickup and drop-off in the app, we'll give you an estimated time until your vehicle arrives. When your vehicle is 2 minutes away, we'll send you a text message to let you know that your ride is getting close. When your vehicle arrives, we'll send you another text to let you know!

"Your trip fare is calculated based on the distance traveled, the hour of reservation, and the number of companions +1 in your trip. Our trips start at reasonable prices.

No Rekab operates on-demand only. Just book a ride a few minutes before you need to leave, and we’ll connect you with a vehicle in real-time.

Rekab Vans are Premium / 2020 and Newer Models.

When you book your Rekab, we'll list the information about the vehicle coming to pick you up directly in the ride screen. This will include the license plate number. When the Rekab vehicle is approaching, we'll send you a quick reminder text with this information (as well as the pick up spot). Once the vehicle has arrived, you'll receive another text and a "Your Rekab is here" notice in your app

Children under the age of 13 may only ride with Rekab when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minors between the ages of 13 to 18 may have their own member accounts and ride with Rekab unaccompanied, but they must have consent from their parent or guardian.

As soon as you realize an item is missing, please let us know by emailing/calling us here and we’ll put you in touch with your driver to track it down!

When logging in, first make sure you are using the exact email address that you used to open your Rekab account. To reset your password, first open the app and select "Log me in." In the password box, press "Forgot your password?" On this screen enter your email and press "Send" Once you receive the password by email, you can go back into the app and log in with the password we sent you. Once logged in, you can change the password to one of your liking. Click on the "Menu" icon in the top left and then the pencil icon - this will take you to edit your profile. Click on "Edit Password" On this screen you will enter the current password (the one from the email), and then enter a new password of your choice - then click "Save." If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to email us / call us here.

To reset the password, you can contact us via e-mail: Support@rekab.sa, or call us on the unified number 920000354.

In the event you faced any issues during your trip, please get in touch with us and explain the problem by filling in the feedback page in the application after your trip, or emailing us at support@rekab.sa, or contacting us through the unified number 920000354.

While we aim to please on every ride, in the event that a change would delay another passenger in the car or awaiting pick up, we can't accommodate requests for changes to drop-offs. You can always call us mid-ride, and we'll certainly try our best to accommodate your situation. If you haven't gotten on board yet, just cancel the ride and re-book with the new destination!

You can view any past rides and purchases right in your app under "Menu" - "History."

n the event that the signal on the App screen does not appear and you still need a trip, please re-book directly through the App, and send an email to Support@rekab.sa so that we can view and fix the error that has occurred. In the event that the application indicates that you have boarded, please contact us through the unified number 920000354 so that we can cancel the trip and ensure your ability to re-book.

- Limit phone calls to emergencies or quick logistics during shared rides. - Don't eat or drink - Treat your fellow members and drivers with respect

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in the vehicle. This includes e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or "smokeless" cigarettes

Rekab is a shared space, and as such we ask everyone to limit any personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably sized bag